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Earth Month / Sustainability Blue Light Special

50% off through July 31!

Sustainability — whether or not we can keep the whole lifeboat Earth thing afloat — is the foremost challenge for humanity in the 21st century.

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Month, and to help schools, colleges and universities provide the necessary resources to explore and educate about sustainability, Docuseek2 is offering 50% off of The Docuseek2 Sustainability Collection.

The Docuseek2 Sustainability Collection contains over 200 titles covering the breadth of the sustainability field, including many of Bullfrog Films best-known titles and new releases including AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock; How to Let Go of The World; Sacred Cod; Food Coop; Food for Change; A Quest for Meaning; Cheshire, Ohio; Triple Divide [REDACTED]; One Big Home; and Anthropocene. The collection includes concentrations on:

Sustainable development and trade: JUMBO WILD (challenging development in pristine Canadian wilderness), WATER FIRST (the importance of clean water in development), TRINKETS AND BEADS (Big Oil vs the Huaroni Indians of the Amazon), THE TRUE COST (the acclaimed inside look at the fashion industry, and what it takes to make it go), BUYER BE FAIR (the benefits of fair trade and product certification), MILKING THE RHINO (community conservancy and “development”), and more!

Sustainable architecture and design: Some great films here: THE HUMAN SCALE (a global look at efforts to reclaim public space in mega cities for pedestrians), WASTE = FOOD (embracing sustainable architecture and production in an ecologically-inspired industrial revolution), BIOPHILIC DESIGN (the design revolution connecting buildings to the natural world), THE SUZUKI DIARIES: FUTURE CITY (a cross-country exploration of urban innovations leading toward sustainability), GREENING OF SOUTHIE (the story of Boston's first LEED-certified residential green building, and the people who made it possible), and more!

Sustainable agriculture: Whoo boy: KING CORN (now a classic, nuff said), EVOLUTION OF ORGANIC (the story of organic agriculture), SEEDS OF HUNGER (a global investigation into the evolving nature of food production, and the crisis it may portend), AFTER WINTER, SPRING (an intimate look at small-scale farming in a world of Big Ag), ISLAND GREEN (can Prince Edward Island go entirely organic?), TIERRALISMO (an in-depth portrait of a Cuban agricultural collective that has drawn international acclaim for its sustainable practices), and more!.

Sustainable (and unsustainable) energy: BURNING IN THE SUN (inspiring portrait of a young entrepreneur who building solar panels from scratch and selling them to rural customers in Mali), AFTER THE SPILL (the oil and gas industry's impact on Louisiana's fragile coast), DENIAL (electricity, identity, family, and the many ways we lie to ourselves when faced with overwhelming facts), DIRTY BUSINESS (the true social and environmental costs of coal power and a look at promising developments in renewable energy), REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR (the global resurgence of electric cars), and more!

Sustainable living: Again, so much here, including: JUST EAT IT (the issue of food waste from farm to fridge), STANDING ON SACRED GROUND (four-part series on indigenous people standing up in defense of cultural survival, human rights and the environment), AN ECOLOGY OF MIND (Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, systems theorist and ecologist), ADDICTED TO PLASTIC (the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution), DEATH BY DESIGN (the unsustainable underbelly of the international electronics industry), BEIJING BESIEGED BY WASTE (500 landfills of Beijing's unholy cycle of consumption), RACING TO ZERO (San Francisco's innovative efforts towards achieving zero waste), and more!

Plus films on sustainable economies, sustainable oceans, sustainable water, climate change, and big picture sustainability — cultivating a worldview that will help us preserve our precious planet. The list of titles above barely scratches the surface of the breadth and depth of our sustainability titles. To view the complete collection, visit

The Sustainability Collection is available as one-year and three-year subscriptions, plus Life of File and Evidenced-Based Acquisition plans (get the whole collection for one or three years; and then select a set number of titles to keep for Life of File).

This really is a special set of films, and we are excited to make the entire collection available for half-price through the end of July.

Contact Elena Wayne, Sales+Marketing manager at 847-537-0606, or for pricing for your institution.

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